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They looked amazing
à partir de le 24/09/2015
They seriously looked amazing. Every little detail counts in close up special effects and these contacts were the final touch.
à partir de le 21/09/2015
Good zombie looking contacts. the best freaky design to create zombie eye effects.
à partir de le 21/09/2015
I always buy PE contacts every year, and this was the first year that I have bought them from Demon Eyes. I did find it funny to not know that they were shipped from the UK. (I'm a US Resident) It caught me off guard. My first reaction was; "Wait, what? Did Nan send me something? Did I leave something there? No.. she lives in Tattershall... " I had to giggle at how it was labelled as "gift" to keep the shipping price lower.... It was the highlight of my day. I still have the packaging too... All in all 5 out of 5 rating and I definitely will be ordering from Demon Eyes again. Yay!
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