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Green Lantern Contact Lenses now in stock

You asked for them and we got them, the recenlty just added latest edition Green Lantern Contact Lenses,

Green Lantern Contact Lenses are here at last and they are not just basic contact lenses either these are purposely made for all eyes, we added something a little special to get the best effects from these lenses when they were being designed we added real gold flecks so these lenses shimmer, we used new special technology to ensure the lens shimmer stands out, and yes it is real gold that is used to create the shimmer not just a coloring,

The contacts are based on the character Sinestro from the box office movie The Green Lantern, 


Sinestro - Green Lantern Contact Lenses from $27.99 per pair

Now you can create these same special effects to your eyes, Green Lantern Contact Lenses are non-prescription contact lenses they change the color and design of your eyes by adding a pattern to them without affecting your vision,

We are very happy with the design results, but what do you think?


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