Mirror Silver Halloween Contact Lenses

Mirror Silver Halloween Contact Lenses

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$29.99 / pair(s)
Prices includes Pair of Lenses, excludes delivery



Mirror Silver Halloween Contact Lenses can be worn for 60 days and are non-prescription making them suitable for all eyes, this means if you do not wear or do not need to wear contact lenses then they are suitable for you,

Easy to fit with online fitting instructions and other helpful tips such as cleaning and storing,

Mirror Silver contact lenses will cosmetically change the color appearance of your eyes by adding the pattern of block silver over your own eye color, the lenses have opaque coloring so you can rest assured none of your natural eye color will show through,

All Halloween contact lenses within our store are soft lenses so they will fit with ease and be comfortable to wear, each lens comes in a tiny glass bottle which is factory sealed and tamper proof, all lenses are manufactured to FDA guidelines and sold and priced in pairs,

Ordering is simple, just add to basket, enter your delivery address and make payment using a debit or credit card via our online secure servers, your lenses will then be picked and packed and will be ready for shipping within 24 hours.

You will notice that all the contact lenses are priced as pairs within our store, this means you get 2 x lenses for the price you see, we do not sell single lenses or show prices of single lenses, this keeps it simple and less confusing for the customer, the price you see is for two lenses not one,

Original Price $89.99

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The product is very good and gave the required results. (10/31/2013)
Never used contact before but after the initial experience, I adjusted well. They were sent quickly and it was very good dealing with the company. The contacts were in good shape as well when they were delivered.
Defective (10/11/2013)
While I liked how they looked, they tore after just wearing them once.
not mirrored, vaguely gray (10/10/2013)
This is my first time trying contacts and maybe my eyes are too sensitive... I could not keep them in without feeling like I had sand in my eyes... I'll find out with my next pair if that is what all contacts do to me. These specific ones were very disappointing: they are not mirrored or anything near, they have a faint metalic look that is kinda see through, so over my hazel eyes, they still looked the same except when the light catches it right. I got them for a costume party in a nightclub but you couldn't see any difference at all in the darker space. Also, they adjusted my eye focus. I have 20/20 vision for everything over 1 meter (3 feet). Under that I use light reading glasses. With the lenses on, I could not focus fully at all. I put on my reading glasses to do something and discovered I could now focus on the tv across the room, showing that my overall focus was changed with them on. After taking them off, every thing returned to clarity. I ended up in a lot of pain and took them off after an hour... It took my eyes nearly two days to recover, to feel like there was no more sand scratching away at them. BTW my wife wears contacts every day and guided me to using these. I followed all cleanliness and handling protocols, and insertion went easily, so it is not a beginner mistake that made this happen, I did it correctly. Bottom line: even if they were comfortable and even if they didn't look foggy and limit your peripheral vision, and even if they didn't change your focus to everything slightly blurred I would still be very disappointed in that they simply are not mirror lenses and they are not opaque, do not cover up your eye color much at all.
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* Prices includes Pair of Lenses, excludes delivery

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