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The Tall Witch – Hansel and Gretel

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Unsure on make-up and Halloween ideas? Why not create a Witch, creating a witch is still as popular as ever, the choice of witches you can display from the Hansel and Gretel “Witch hunters” movie is insane, there is such a variety of choices,

We are focusing on the Tall witch in this topic who was played by Zoe Bell, she played the character of the tall witch and did all the stunts herself,

So who is the tall witch? The tall witch is ugly, that’s for sure, the Tall Witch menaced people by living in the north of the forest in Augsburg to which no one would go, villagers feared her and she managed to go unharmed for many years, that was until of course Hansel and Gretel arrived, they entered her lair taking her by surprise but the Tall witch was not willing to go quietly and put up a great attempt of escaping whilst unleashing black magic and acrobatic moves, but this still was no match for the skill of Hansel and Gretel who managed to contain her in the end,

Looking at the Tall witch one of the hardest things to duplicate is her eyes, the make-up, fake teeth and clothing can all be done with pretty much ease, but getting them yellow eyes to an eye color is not going to happen unless you choose contact lenses,

To get witch eyes to match the tall witch you are going to need crow contact lenses, these contacts are yellow in color and have a black ring around the edge of the lens, they are purposely made for all eyes so the effects are much better, they give an very scary look, just one look in the mirror whilst wearing these and you will soon understand that they are very scary and menacing by their responses which is why we suggest them for Halloween.


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