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Infected Zombie the best contacts for Halloween

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Not very long to go now before Halloween is upon us, so now would be a good time to make sure everything is to the ready, take for example these Infected Zombie contacts which are a real thriller over Halloween,

They bring a stone cold white color to your eyes which are perfect for a dead look and then a dripping blood red around the outer edge of the lens which is the finishing touch to having realistic zombie eyes  most of the customers state that once they had these zombie contacts set up on their eyes their imagination ran wild with Halloween ideas,

Just like last year these were a number one selling contact lens for fans of contact lenses and it is no wonder why as you can see, but act quickly folks as you would not like to fall short of these bad boys this Halloween as they do sell out fast,

Like all the other contacts on offer here they are suitable for all who want purposely made contact lenses for all eyes, perfect for fashion, special effects and pranks and affecting nothing else.

By Lucy (The best Packer at Demoneyez)

Infected Zombie Halloween Contacts at Demoneyez


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Halloween Makeup Tutorial Video for the best special effects

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If you are fed up with your Halloween makeup looking like child's face paint or as if it is just rushed or applied on a high speed bopping train worry no more,

Thanks to Mariam Luso (Makeup Artist) she has kindly pieced together this perfect makeup tutorial to overcome all those stresses and worries over Halloween to give you a professional look, check the video out today as we feel it can help expand your thoughts and ideas on applying Halloween make up this year,

Check out how great and realistic the devil horns look, and then the colors she uses with her eye makeup to match the devil contact lenses, whilst our version of contacts are for eyes only the video is still an inspiration for those who need eyes and use make up models to test and train with makeup colors,

they are for changing or adding color to eyes whilst not affecting anything else, 

Mariam is wearing RX versions Red Devil UV Halloween Contact Lenses



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Crazy Eyes 8 Ball Contacts Review, difference can be good

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8 Ball Halloween Contact Lenses ($24.99 per pair) are white base opaque contact lenses that cover your eye color–and are emphasized with a black pocket billiard ball with the number 8 upon each lens surrounded by a white background.

Upon those types of eyes they do create the effect that your actual eyes have become 8 balls, somewhat deceiving to those who have never seen such a contact lens designed in this way and perfect for advertizement in stores or clubs etc, Great effects on eyes and also pleasing to those who actually get to see them on the prop when passing by, you may catch yourself as I did while testing this pair spending a lot of time looking at them and taking endless photos and searching for reflections of ideas to give everyone a sneaky glance on these eye catching designs.

I did find them a little tricky to fit compared to my own eyes, may be because these had a slightly thick consistency which I suppose is a benefit as I am forever putting slight rips in standard contacts for RX eyes when in a rush as they are not perfect for eyes, but as these are purposely made for eyes they were so much more durable, the sheer color over rules everything they made my eyes beautiful and are a credit to those who need contact lenses for their special effects,

As for my verdict would I use them again I would say yes I enjoyed what they offered the price and the uniqueness of the design.

By Kate

8 Ball Halloween Contact Lenses

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Hypnotize red and white spiral contacts are back!

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Not even the most zealous of special effects contact lens lovers would accept any connection between the Hypnotize contacts and the blood gruesome hardcore special effects contact lenses that are on offer, from these iconic lenses.

These Hypnotise contacts broke all expectations when there were released many years ago offering colors that had never been seen before on contact lenses companies rushed to have them made after seeing upon eyes; red, white, and a spiral effect wow they were all the craze on their release but higher prices left them only affordable to those who could afford.

15 years on the prices have come down making them affordable to all, a trend is now in the midst again that has taken them right back into the competition against the most graphic of contact lenses.

The call for novelty style contacts like Hypnotize is making a come back bigger than ever before.

By Hannah

Hypnotize Halloween Contact Lenses

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25% off all contact lenses (until June 30th 2013)

Take full advatnge with 25% off all contact lenses, limited time offer

Just enter "SUMMER25" in the coupon box when checking out and we will give you 25% off your whole contact lens purchase until June 30th 2013,

You are more than welcome to share this with your friends, family, Facebook, Twitter etc, the more shares the better the discounts we can offer in future,

This is a huge discount and a perfect way to get your contact lenses at an even cheaper price well ahead of Halloween.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past - due for release 2014

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In 2014 we can all look forward to the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past,

The upcoming movie will offer a cast of your favourite characters including Wolverine, Magento, Mystique, Storm and many more,

We have heard that the X-men must travel in time to change a major historical event that could globally have an impact on man and mutant kind, how the movie rolls out we will have to wait and see,

As with previous X-men movies we had a influx of customers wanting to know which contact lenses would suit their character best for their eyes, as you may already know by now Jennifer Lawrence is taking over the role as Mystique from Rebecca Romijn, below we have one of the latest shots from the new X-Men showing Jennifer as Mystique.

X-Men: Days of Future Past, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) in yellow contact lenses

As you can see Mystique is wearing yellow sclera contact lenses which do look pretty awesome, as a cheaper alternative though we think Avatar or UV Yellow contact lenses can still pack the same feel to those wishing to have a eye make over for cosplay as Mystique.

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Just released Sharingan Ten Tails contact lenses - in standard size

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A couple of months ago we brought to you the Ten Tail Sclera contact lenses which have been a huge success those buying special effects contact lenses for their eyes, these are purposely designed for all eyes, but now with great pleasure we can now say we have the long awaited Ten Tails Sharingan contact lenses in standard sizes, this means they are more affordable so they will suit all budgets,

As promised the Ten Tails Sharingan contacts have been released in both red and white colors, they have only been with us for just a few hours and we are putting them live upon the store today for sale,

This is big news for all Naruto Shippuden fans and massive news in the special effects contact lens world being the most anticipated contact lens for 2013,

promredsharingan.jpg promwhitesharingan.jpg


You can rest assured that these are a worldwide exclusive and can only be purchased from within our stores only, so if you want the hottest contact lenses about you know what to do, check them out now Ten Tails Red Sharingan Contact Lenses and Ten Tails White Sharingan Contact Lenses.

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Naruto Shippuden Ten Tails Sclera Lenses White - Now available

We are happy to say that the New Ten Tails Sclera contact lenses in White are now available for purchase from March 2013, if you do not know already sclera contact lenses cover the whole of your eye color even the white's of your eyes,


The Sclera lenses have are bigger diameter than standard contact lenses this is to ensure they can be used to fully cover your eye when you apply them,



The Tail Tails Sclera lenses can be seen in episodes of Naruto Shippuden, these are a truly amazing lens upon the eyes, they also offer bespoke pattern so the effects are greatly improved.

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New Naruto 10 Tails Contact Lenses - due for release 2013

Great news for all Naruto Shippuden fans with the upcoming release of the new ten tails contact lenses, the design has gone out this week and is now in the production phase to have them made for all eyes, so hopefully we manage to release them in time for spring/summer 2013,

You will also be pleased to know that the ten tails contact lenses will be exclusive to us, please enjoy the sample image that was sent to production.



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Green Lantern Contact Lenses now in stock

You asked for them and we got them, the recenlty just added latest edition Green Lantern Contact Lenses,

Green Lantern Contact Lenses are here at last and they are not just basic contact lenses either these are purposely made for all eyes, we added something a little special to get the best effects from these lenses when they were being designed we added real gold flecks so these lenses shimmer, we used new special technology to ensure the lens shimmer stands out, and yes it is real gold that is used to create the shimmer not just a coloring,

The contacts are based on the character Sinestro from the box office movie The Green Lantern, 


Sinestro - Green Lantern Contact Lenses from $27.99 per pair

Now you can create these same special effects to your eyes, Green Lantern Contact Lenses are non-prescription contact lenses they change the color and design of your eyes by adding a pattern to them without affecting your vision,

We are very happy with the design results, but what do you think?


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