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You Still Have Time to get your Halloween Contacts

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Halloween is now approaching so if you have not thought about your contacts already you will need to take action within the next 5 days to ensure your contacts arrive in time for Halloween, just a few pointers if you have decided to be create a Vampire this year you may want to consider the blood red contacts as they pack a really feel that you are blood hungry and will make your vampire costume on props and more look even better than it is,

If on the other hand you are going to create a zombie look over Halloween you are spoilt for choice, the main favorite is the Basic White Contact Lenses these contacts are plain white and do look awesome, other choices for zombies at Halloween are the Infected Zombie contacts and the Berzerker Contacts, both of these lenses are white based with lots of bloody red detail to strike fear into all your victims at your Halloween party.

Halloween contacts start from $23.99 per pair @

Spooky eye contacts in time for Halloween

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Infected Zombie the best contacts for Halloween

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Not very long to go now before Halloween is upon us, so now would be a good time to make sure everything is to the ready, take for example these Infected Zombie contacts which are a real thriller over Halloween,

They bring a stone cold white color to your eyes which are perfect for a dead look and then a dripping blood red around the outer edge of the lens which is the finishing touch to having realistic zombie eyes  most of the customers state that once they had these zombie contacts set up on their eyes their imagination ran wild with Halloween ideas,

Just like last year these were a number one selling contact lens for fans of contact lenses and it is no wonder why as you can see, but act quickly folks as you would not like to fall short of these bad boys this Halloween as they do sell out fast,

Like all the other contacts on offer here they are suitable for all who want purposely made contact lenses for all eyes, perfect for fashion, special effects and pranks and affecting nothing else.

By Lucy (The best Packer at Demoneyez)

Infected Zombie Halloween Contacts at Demoneyez


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