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They looked amazing
von am 24.09.2015
They seriously looked amazing. Every little detail counts in close up special effects and these contacts were the final touch.
von am 21.09.2015
Good zombie looking contacts. the best freaky design to create zombie eye effects.
von am 21.09.2015
I always buy PE contacts every year, and this was the first year that I have bought them from Demon Eyes. I did find it funny to not know that they were shipped from the UK. (I'm a US Resident) It caught me off guard. My first reaction was; "Wait, what? Did Nan send me something? Did I leave something there? No.. she lives in Tattershall... " I had to giggle at how it was labelled as "gift" to keep the shipping price lower.... It was the highlight of my day. I still have the packaging too... All in all 5 out of 5 rating and I definitely will be ordering from Demon Eyes again. Yay!
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