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Vin Diesel and Riddick contact lenses

Vin Diesel and Riddick contact lenses

For over 10 years now Vin Diesel has been inspiring the world with the awesome Chronicles of Riddick movies which first launched back in 2000 and are still being released to the present date, along with the movies came a sudden interest in having Mirrored looking eyes like the Character Riddick,

For those who have not seen any of the Chronicles of Riddick movies, Riddick is a fictional character in this sci-fi movie, he is a skilled predator with amazing knowledge of stealth and killing whilst showing heroic actions despite being a dangerous convict,

In the movie Riddicks eyes have a silver mirrored effect which give him the benefit of being able to see in total darkness, he has to wear welding googles where bright light is present to protect his eyes as they are very sensitive,

Now the same look can be achieved to your eyes by using Mirror Silver Contact Lenses, the contacts we stock are a metallic silver in color and can be used on all eyes as they are not prescription contacts or medical devices they are purposely made to be suitable for all eyes, they will not affect anyhting else, all they do is change your own colored eyes into silver eyes like Riddick,

They are great for movie shoots, photography, artists, theatrical use and much more, order now at

Riddick silver contact lenses

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