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Maleficent Contact Lenses - buy online here (out now)

Maleficent Contact Lenses - buy online here (out now)

Hitting our stores this week are the long awaited Maleficent contact lenses suitable for all eye colors released along side the epic Maleficent movie,

For those who do not know "Maleficent" is the new Disney pictures adventure starring Angelina Jolie, Maleficent is the untold story of the Disney's most iconic villain from the 1959 classic "Sleeping Beauty", whilst we would like to divulge more into the story a little bit more we wil not as movie spoilers take all the fun away and this is a movie you should not miss,

Maleficent mania is expected to hit the stores after the launch, with make-up fans and special effects artists going crazy to get their hands on items to get the best look to their props, Maleficent is also tipped to be the number one choice with Halloween fans, votes have shown a whopping 83% are considering dressing up as Maleficent this Halloween, 95% have suggested making Maleficent mannequins, 76% have stated they will be doing Maleficent artwork and designs, as you may have noticed from all the screenshots and photos of Maleficent over the web she has contact lenses with the colors black , orange and green, you are going to need these contacts if you want your eye color and makeup to be up to scratch, we know this as our pre-orders have been insane, having just your own standard eye color will be fine but no way near as good as the next person creates a look of a masterpiece with Maleficent contacts,

Grab your pair today and get the Maleficent look with makeup and contact lenses on your eyes, we cannot guarantee that stocks will last all over Halloween so order now to avoid dissappointment, you will not regret it.


Maleficent Contact Lenses for all Peye colors $27.99 per pair (prices can change) @ Demoneyez

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