Just released Sharingan Ten Tails contact lense...

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Just released Sharingan Ten Tails contact lenses - in standard size

Just released Sharingan Ten Tails contact lenses - in standard size

A couple of months ago we brought to you the Ten Tail Sclera contact lenses which have been a huge success those buying special effects contact lenses for their eyes, these are purposely designed for all eyes, but now with great pleasure we can now say we have the long awaited Ten Tails Sharingan contact lenses in standard sizes, this means they are more affordable so they will suit all budgets,

As promised the Ten Tails Sharingan contacts have been released in both red and white colors, they have only been with us for just a few hours and we are putting them live upon the store today for sale,

This is big news for all Naruto Shippuden fans and massive news in the special effects contact lens world being the most anticipated contact lens for 2013,

promredsharingan.jpg promwhitesharingan.jpg


You can rest assured that these are a worldwide exclusive and can only be purchased from within our stores only, so if you want the hottest contact lenses about you know what to do, check them out now Ten Tails Red Sharingan Contact Lenses and Ten Tails White Sharingan Contact Lenses.

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