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Hypnotize red and white spiral contacts are back!

Hypnotize red and white spiral contacts are back!

Not even the most zealous of special effects contact lens lovers would accept any connection between the Hypnotize contacts and the blood gruesome hardcore special effects contact lenses that are on offer, from these iconic lenses.

These Hypnotise contacts broke all expectations when there were released many years ago offering colors that had never been seen before on contact lenses companies rushed to have them made after seeing upon eyes; red, white, and a spiral effect wow they were all the craze on their release but higher prices left them only affordable to those who could afford.

15 years on the prices have come down making them affordable to all, a trend is now in the midst again that has taken them right back into the competition against the most graphic of contact lenses.

The call for novelty style contacts like Hypnotize is making a come back bigger than ever before.

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Hypnotize Halloween Contact Lenses

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