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Crazy Eyes 8 Ball Contacts Review, difference can be good

Crazy Eyes 8 Ball Contacts Review, difference can be good

8 Ball Halloween Contact Lenses ($24.99 per pair) are white base opaque contact lenses that cover your eye color–and are emphasized with a black pocket billiard ball with the number 8 upon each lens surrounded by a white background.

Upon those types of eyes they do create the effect that your actual eyes have become 8 balls, somewhat deceiving to those who have never seen such a contact lens designed in this way and perfect for advertizement in stores or clubs etc, Great effects on eyes and also pleasing to those who actually get to see them on the prop when passing by, you may catch yourself as I did while testing this pair spending a lot of time looking at them and taking endless photos and searching for reflections of ideas to give everyone a sneaky glance on these eye catching designs.

I did find them a little tricky to fit compared to my own eyes, may be because these had a slightly thick consistency which I suppose is a benefit as I am forever putting slight rips in standard contacts for RX eyes when in a rush as they are not perfect for eyes, but as these are purposely made for eyes they were so much more durable, the sheer color over rules everything they made my eyes beautiful and are a credit to those who need contact lenses for their special effects,

As for my verdict would I use them again I would say yes I enjoyed what they offered the price and the uniqueness of the design.

By Kate

8 Ball Halloween Contact Lenses

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