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Azealia Banks wears sclera contacts in Yung Rapunxel

Azealia Banks wears sclera contacts in Yung Rapunxel

Rapping, singer, songwriter Azealia Banks wears Black Sclera contact lenses in her music video "Yung Rapunxel", Azealia is a keen contact lens wearer who is seen wearing many different special effects contacts at events, venues and premiers,

In the music video "Yung Rapunxel" she wears a few different pairs of contact lenses, but the most striking out of them all has to be the black sclera,

Black sclera contacts suitable for all eyes work in a way that is really unique to standard contact lenses as they cover the whole of that eye color, so this means even the whites of those eyes are covered, they manage to do this as they are bigger than standard contacts, sure a full color black can be done other ways but the effects just wont be the same,

The special effects and thought that went into the "Yung Rapunxel" music video are second to none as over recent years artists have tended to shy away from such videos and settled for basic production, so to the one's that enjoy good music videos with lots of special effects this came as a big welcome and hopefully a bench mark for those that no longer do but should,


Azealia's black scelra contact lenses (seen at 0.41 seconds and at various shots throughout the video) you can create the same effects as these on your eyes, Sclera contact lenses are also more durable and last much longer compared to standard contact lenses, however they are well worth it get creative on your special effects and choose the best contact lenses right here.

Azealia Banks wearing Black Sclera contact lenses

Black Sclera contact lenses for all eyes are $279.99 per pair (prices can change) @

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